Excavations in ancient Idalion 2022 – Week 1 – The beginning

Since 2018 the Berlin Idalion Project (BIP) is undertaking archaeological field work at Idalion, trying to put the activities of Max Ohnefalsch-Richter (1850-1917) within the art of archaeological context. The Project is carried out with the kind authorization of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and in cooperation with our Partners the University of Cyprus (Nicosia) and the Cyprus University of Technology (Limassol).

This year’s team of the third excavation campaign of the Berlin Idalion Project (BIP) arrives in Cyprus with offspring in their luggage and the hope that this will also come with them from Berlin to Cyprus. After receiving a canary-yellow car for rental, the arrival in the modern Dali succeeds quickly.

A few days later, after conscientious sorting of the working materials, the annual search for the old cuts begins in the end-thirty degree warm air. After a short misjudgement of about 2m, the old cut edges are found and the work can begin.