Excavations in Ancient Idalion – Week 2 – Rhythm

In rhythmic beat of the music, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, depending on who is currently wishing for music, our three cuts become deeper and deeper. While at one end of the cuts more and more limestone statuettes, terracotta fragments and a disco ball (an ominous and glittering stone) are found, in another cut, next to a remarkably well preserved head of an undefined lady, an old robber hole is emptied. On our third cut, the deepest so far, on the other hand, we are struggling with the elaboration of some architectural structures.


The rhythm of the digging is also found in the rhythmic washing of the pottery and brushing of the limestones. More and more interesting, beautiful and scientifically valuable pieces are turning up under the sinter at all corners and ends, which always drives us excavators up the wall.

In the following, the most exciting finds of the individual sections so far will be discussed in more detail.