Excavations in Ancient Idalion – Week 4 – final spurt

With the fourth and for us last week the final spurt begins and probably the most stressful week of the campaign. The last pottery sherds are counted, the last terracottas weighed and the last limestones brushed.


Nevertheless, the scientific exchange does not miss out, because in the last week we were able to receive a lot of visitors. On the one hand, the surveyors of the University of Limassol came for the last time to finally measure our points and on the other hand, two teams of other excavations in Cyprus came to visit us. One of them is supervised by Dr. Matthias Recke from the University of Frankfurt in Tamassos and the other one by Prof. Dr. Kostas Kopanias from the University of Athens in Paleapaphos.

Dr. Matthias Recke and his team

Unfortunately we did not manage to visit them this campaign, but we had the chance to show them our excavation and our finds and to report about our findings. A beer and snacks at our excavation house could not be missing afterwards, of course…