Excavations in Ancient Idalion – Week 4 – Goodbye

Slowly, after the last visits have departed, the last finds have been bagged in the middle of the night and the first excavators have already gone home, we have to think about saying goodbye. A farewell, not for long, and yet a hard one. Within the last four weeks many memories were created, friendships were made and intensive archaeology was done. After the warm Cyprus, a cold, gray Germany with obligations and everyday life awaits us at home.

A little more fun before we go home

After the cuts have been filled in and the structures have previously been covered with protective materials, it is finally time to say goodbye. From then on, the finds only have to be taken to the museum depot, the tools cleaned and treated, and the suitcases packed.


The backfilling was fortunately taken over by an dredger this year and serves to protect the structures

And then it’s off on the plane to colder Germany. The next trip back to Cyprus is already planned and booked, so a reunion is already within reach…