Study Season March 2023 – Part 2

After intensive work during the week, our team still has an adventurous weekend programme.
The first weekend is affected by recurring rain showers, but is nevertheless used to visit Salamis, partly in the rain, and then to search for sanctuaries and necropolises on the coast of Cyprus. At the first attempt we fail, despite promising structures in the ground, but our archaeologists do not give up and two of them find a temple, of which a 3D model has already been made, and several empty chamber tombs during a second inspection.


The theater from Salamis

The second weekend will also be dedicated to the search for sanctuaries and settlements. After having found places in the Department of Antiquities where certain structures can be assumed, we wanted to check whether there are indications of ancient human use at these places. So we packed up the relevant coordinates and headed off on the best of luck.
The first point is unfortunately already inaccessible nowadays, as it lies in the buffer zone and thus in a restricted military area. At the next points, on the other hand, we have more luck and search eagerly for traces. Unfortunately, we found very few or no clues that point to human use. So these places will have to remain unexplained for the time being.
On Sunday, we all follow in the footsteps of Paul Schröder and hike together a total of 24 km from bridge to bridge, over mountain paths and through the stream.


One of the venetian bridges in the Troodos-mountains


An adventurous walk through the stream

All in all, it was a successful campaign where new insights were gained and new ideas were generated. Everyone is looking forward to the heat of the late summer campaign, which is planned this year from September to October.
But now it’s back to cold Berlin for the time being.

Tosca Nina Negelmann