Excavations in Ancient Idalion 2023 – A start with obstacles

At the beginning of September, our team leaves for hot Cyprus (according to some native Cypriots, it is actually already quite cool) to start our fourth excavation campaign. Due to the generous support of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and our partners, the University of Cyprus (Nicosia) and the Cyprus University of Technology (Limassol), we are starting our archaeological investigation of the Eastern Acropolis of ancient Idalion again this year to follow up on the research of Max Ohnefalsch-Richter (1850-1917) and put it into context.

But the anticipation is immediately dampened when a piece of luggage does not make it from Berlin and can now no longer be found, and an excavation team member has to withdraw due to covid and can no longer join in the excavation.

Nevertheless, we manage to find the old cuts from last year on the first two days and dig them out. After this is done, the further archaeological work begins and we go to work diligently with pickaxe, shovel and trowel. We will try to follow up the wall structures from last year and trace the course of an archaic rubble layer. Otherwise we will be surprised by what we will find.

At the weekend we spend half a day in the Larnaka District Museum and the other we spend sweating but interested and fascinated in Kourion and finish this day in the warm sea. A successful recharge of batteries for the next week.


Tosca Nina Negelmann