Study Season March 2023 – Part 1

With the generous support of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, our team is able to set off on their second BIP (Berlin Idalion Project) Study Season.
So we were sent off from Berlin, still quite cold, to receive a warm welcome in Cyprus. After our first night in our usual (excavation) house in Dali, our archaeologists went their separate ways and our team spread out all over the island.

The view from our excavation house.

This campaign is not about digging this time, but rather about studying the finds from the last excavation for example.
A part of the team will travel north of Dali to Nicosia/Lefkosia to continue their project work in the Department of Antiquities and to get the computers up to speed. The aim here is to map ancient Cyprus in order to be able to propose new, plausible borders for the ancient city sanctuaries.

Analyzing the finds.

Another part is based in Larnaka and is constantly working on the finds from the last excavation campaign. This involves, among other things, pulling out the camera, wielding the pencil and putting together pieces that belong together like puzzles.

In the storage facilities from the archaeological museum Larnaca.

The last part of the team is divided into two parts and moves on the one hand across the entire island on a bicycle in order to retrace the donkey route of Paul Schröder and to reclassify it with today’s perspectives. Meanwhile, the other acts as a “jumper” (taxi driver) and supports all the teams with expert help. In the process, for example, further 3D models of our found (and glued) objects are created, as we did last autumn.


Tosca Nina Negelmann