Excavations in Ancient Idalion – Week 3 – social side

Of course, an excavation is not only about the purely scientific aspect, although that is without question at the top of the list, but it is also very much about social interaction. People who are at very different points in their lives come together to live with each other in close quarters for a period of time, in our case four weeks.

One thing is very clear, all these people are driven by a passion for archaeology, for research and for increasing knowledge. Thus, from the very beginning, a solid foundation is created, which can be built upon diligently during the excavation time, be it with joint excursions or shared experiences in general. Washing dishes, cooking, and spontaneous dancing together, whether in the kitchen, in the cut, or on the way to the dig house after a successful day, also contribute to the formation of strong social bonds. Bonds that would probably never form in this way in “real” life.

And so it’s bearable to have little privacy, little sleep, and little free time for four weeks. As long as the chemistry between the excavators is right, all that pretty much fades into the background.